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2nd Quarter 2017

Insurance Checkup to Protect Your Finances

You can work hard, budget carefully, and save for the future. But an unexpected event — such as a car accident, natural disaster, or illness — can derail your financial plans. When you're young, you probably don't have a lot of extra money to help cover unexpected expenses. So, it's particularly important to have the right insurance, and not overpay for coverage you don't need. [...continued]

Around ICMA-RC

ICMA-RC will be featured on an episode of Designing Spaces, a national home and workplace improvement show. Find out more about ways ICMA-RC supports public sector employees and their communities, such as through the National Police Week 5K, the World Police & Fire Games, and the ICMA-RC Public Employee Memorial Scholarship Fund. [...continued]

Investing Spotlight: Stable Value Funds

Many ICMA-RC participants have access to a stable value fund in their retirement plan. You may not have heard much about this type of investment prior to joining your retirement plan because it's not available in IRAs or taxable brokerage accounts. [...continued]

Ask ICMA-RC: Fraud Prevention

Find out what ICMA-RC is doing to safeguard your assets, and about enhancements we are making to our account management portal, Account Access, to provide you with additional fraud prevention security. Also find out about measures you can take to help prevent fraud. [...continued]
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